As midterms roll around, we all have been creating more content no than perhaps any other quarter in history. You and your computer’s hard drive now might be finding yourselves in a tight spot; literally. Making videos, screen shots, docs, etc. as an educator or as a student take up a massive amount of hard drive space, and yet our internal storage (especially in laptops) might be as razor thin and their external profile. This all coming at a time where we all might feel anxious to delete anything!

Adding a hard drive to your device

Adding more storage to a laptop, computer, and in some cases our smartphones or tablets, can be as simple as plug-and-play with an external drive. But as I talk about in this short video, there are various sizes and prices to these drives. Here are the two simple flavors of external drives to look at with a simple break down

Solid State Disk (the way to go IMO)

  • Super speed
  • Smaller capacity
  • Mobile device flexible
  • Higher price
  • Good with drops

Traditional Spinning Disk

  • Bigger capacity
  • Cheaper price
  • NOT good with drops