Ep. 2 – Digital Alchemy Live (Work In Progress)

Building from my post on “Piloting with OBS,” in this live stream I test out bringing in a guest from Microsoft Teams into OBS, with the live stream going to Microsoft Streams.

Things to still work out

  • Video latency recording from Teams/Zoom et.al into OBS (this might just be a limitation coming from my graphics card.
    • Wondering if pulling a video feed from the web meeting version might be better?
  • Holy smokes, I didn’t realize how loud of a click button my mouse has. OBS has the ability to set up keyboard shortcuts, this might be a better solution.
  • iShowU works well with Teams and Zoom as audio feeds to OBS, by turning on live monitoring of the audio channel in OBS I have gotten around the need to set up a MacOS Audio Aggregate device.
  • Setting up the stream in MS Streams had quite a bit of lag to get started, and it looks like it needs to be run a little past before ending the stream (the end was abrupt)
    • In MS Streams, there is no preset for OBS so, to set up the SMTP In OBS it will be the link generated for your stream and the “stream key” will just be any random number you set JUST in OBS (not provided by MS Stream).