Editing 102: EdTPA & Censoring Effect

Following the post Editing 101; EdTPA & Final Cut, need to censor out a face in your video? This tutorial will walk you through the steps to quickly, and as easily as possible, apply a static or dynamic (tracking) censor effect to a segment of video.

Things to remember:

Pearson: EdTPA site


The “Cookbook”



Alternative Approach : HitFilm

Let’s say you have a clip where you have perhaps you had someone walk around with the camera in your classroom (off the tripod), and have a face you need to blur out for EdTPA. Another tool that might help in this regard might be HitFilm 2018. It is free (Mac & PC), made from a company out of the UK, but the interface can be a bit confusing. But this 3min video  from Gear Up Digital shows how you can use the application’s tracking tool to track a certain face through the entirety of a clip.


TL;DR HitFilm

  • Free download from https://fxhome.com/hitfilm-express
  • Go with a compound clip, and run a tracking layer, make a masking layer (copy and paste tracking keyframes), and then ‘distort’ effect you’ll need to look for is “Witness Protection”
  • When you export, you will still need to use 640×360 for size of your clip.

Run into a face blurring snag? Stop by!

In either case, blurring can be a difficult task, as always feel free to come by my office(HH225) or stop by the STC with your footage for assistance.