40&20 Episode 60 (guest podcast host)

Eugene Oregon based podcast 40&20, is a podcast hosted each week by Everett and Andrew. A #watchfam based show, each episode is typically centered around “watches, food, drinks, life and other things [they] like.”

I was extended an invite to me to rejoin the show (check back at Episode 22 for a previous appearance) to talk about any watch topic that has been on my mind. Tune into Episode 60 of 40&20 and hear a brief rundown of one of the watchmakers that paved the way for the technology that contributed to this genera of horology; Geneva watchmaker Louis Cottier. And of course in true 40&20 podcast fashion, we take a look at the watches that inspire us, and for me personally I share about the three travel watches that are important to my own collection.

For the full article, visit: https://ajbarse.com/4020-episode-60/