Green Screen yourself onto your content

Since writing the Covid-19 Tactics post, and the @Home Studio and the New Normal video, I get asked a lot about green screening. Setting one up is as easy as hanging it up on a curtain rod, but finding or using the actual software to record can feel overwhelming. In these two videos I take my ‘base-camp to summit’ approach again to the various different ways you can add yourself over the top of your content (whether it is with or without a green screen).

Roundup of different ways to overlay yourself onto your content

On the summit of screen recording is OBS or Open Broadcast Software. Made for streamers and broadcasters, this opensource app is free, cross platform, and powerful. Acting as your software based audio/video switcher, with a little setup it can turn any educator (or student) into a full fledged

The mountain summit of screen recording with the ultimate broadcast/recording app