Guests 2018


Jet City Saber Guild, the Seattle area’s Star Wars performance and choreography, will put on a performance at WWU Queer Con.




Terry Blas (he/him) is the illustrator/writer behind the comics Ghetto Swirl and You Say Latino. His work has appeared in the comics Regular Show, Rick and Morty and Adventure Time and illustrated the drag superhero book, Mama Tits Saves the WorldHis latest book is a fat camp murder mystery titled: Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom, published by Oni Press. He likes drawing creatures, celebrities and drag queens. 



Seanan McGuire

Kira Cul’tofay  (she/her) started working for the sci-fi magazine Knightmares in the early 90s’, mostly drawing covers and interior art but also writing a monthly comic strip. She started writing fantasy and sci-fi novels under her Meridian Wanderings banner in 2005 and currently has 10 novels. Each one is LGBTQ friendly, with diverse main and side characters for just about everyone.
Selected Works: Meridian Wanderings