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Book review (Food, Culture & Society, September 2020): “Whether you are new to the study of food systems, or a concerned eater who has lost their appetite in today’s foodscapes, FoodWISE is a useful primer that champions experiential learning and will provide you with the tools to think more holistically about your food choices, now and in the future.”

FoodWISE (Midwest Book Review, May 2020):  “Impressively informed and informative, exceptionally well written, organized and presented.”

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FoodWISE is currently available wherever books are sold. You can order FoodWISE from independent booksellers here or place an order at your local bookstore. And you can order from AmazonBarnes & Noble, or, again, wherever books are sold. Please consider leaving an honest review of my book on AmazonGoodreads, or wherever you review books. This really helps get the word out. My publisher also created these fun picture quotes that you are welcome to share on social media. Please feel free to share them and tag me on Facebook at @Gigimberardi.

Here are a few links to national media that my book has received, including my interview with and exciting review from Foreword Reviews, and my interview with Alex Wise from Sea Change Radio. Below are a few lovely endorsements that the book has received:

“Foodwise is full of wisdom.”—Michael Pollan, author of Cooked, Food Rules, Omnivore’s Dilemma, and the Botany of Desire

“…one of the most thoughtful books I’ve read on this very complex subject of how to eat for the health of our planet and ourselves.”—Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories, Bad Calories and The Case Against Sugar

“If you can’t figure out what to eat after reading FoodWISE, you might as well just stop eating.”—Steve Ettlinger, author of Twinkie, Deconstructed

“If you ever find yourself in solitary confinement or the equivalent with one book to read, make sure it’s FoodWISE. Rarely is so much wisdom, common sense and original thinking elegantly pressed between two covers in a world hungry for food and even hungrier for the full story about the staples of life.”—Charles Geisler, Cornell University

“.…restorative as it is informative, and I love Gigi Berardi’s mantra: stop, think, then act.”—Michael Moss, investigative journalist and Pulitzer Prize recipient, author of Salt, Sugar, Fat

And some very generous press: See Whatcom Talks, Bellingham Alive! (January issue), the recent KGMI interview, and Grow Northwest (February Issue), as well as the spring issue of Oxygen Magazine (spring 2020).

Late 2020 events (virtual):

Daughters of Norway (Nellie Gerdrum #41): Fats in Scandinavian Cooking (Sept. 12, 10am) 

Huxley speaker series: 50 years of Food and Farm Studies at Huxley: The Legacy of Ernst Gayden and Human/Food Ecology at Huxley (Oct 29, 4:30pm) .

Village Books (Bellingham)/Crowdcast: FoodWISE (Dec 10, 7:00pm)

These were my early 2020 events (in Bellingham, unless otherwise noted)—all after the Feb 27 event are postponed:

Community Food-Co-op: (Jan 27: A success—thanks to all who braved the 8 inches of falling snow!)

Los Angeles:  Pages—abookstore (Feb 7) Success! Thank you for the turnout dear family and IHHS alums!

Farm-to-Table Trade Meeting (keynote) (Feb 25) Success! Thank you for a huge turnout!

Twin Sisters Brewery: Book launch with farm and food friends (Feb 27) 6:00-8:00pm, TSB Success! Thank you for a huge turnout!

 Whatcom Writers and Publishers  Publishing big, publishing small (Mar 11) 5:30-8:00pm POSTPONED

New York City:  Book Culture (on 112th) (with special guest  MB Ryan of Hudson Valley Apple Cider), Mar 18, 7:00-8:30pm POSTPONED, BUT I HAVE WRITTEN AN ARTICLE, ONLINE, FOR THE BOOK STORE


Village Books Earth Day Soiree, Apr 22, 4:00-6:00pm (ticketed event) POSTPONED

Village Books “Between the Pages,” Apr 23, 6:00-8:30pm (ticketed event) POSTPONED

Huxley 50th Sustainable Food and Farm Tour and Lunch, Apr 24, 8:45am-3:30pm (ticketed event) POSTPONED

Los Angeles: Immaculate Heart alumnae weekend (May 2) POSTPONED


Vancouver, BC:  Banyen’s (May 14), 6:30-8:00pm POSTPONED

Seattle: Book Larder (May 6) ONLINE EVENT! EVENT: 2pm: Live Virtual Author Talk on Instagram! Follow on Instagram (@booklarder) and join its IG Live to listen in as we talk about FoodWISE.




If interested, please visit—FUNDS NEEDED MORE THAN EVER:

Support for FoodWISE in Europe and Mexico

Support for FoodWISE at Huxley College