FoodWISE and unsaturated fats

Image: Feta, draining—a good source of saturated fatty acids, and, beneath, a bottle of delicious Palagio Olive Oil—a good source of mono unsaturated fatty acids. Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, on unsaturated fats—the mono and the PUFAs, and gives plant and animal sources. She offers this story tonight, challenges for families and how to school their…

FoodWISE—fats and more

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, introducing the controversial topic of fats. This piece from the New York Times offers numerous current news reports on coronavirus updates…the theme of the stories and the theme of FoodWISE: We need to be informed consumers…New York Times on coronavirus

FoodWISE and a primer on fats

Image: Nutritious fats, homemade Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, on fats. Tonight, a compendium of good articles, but this most relevant to colleges and universities: “States and college towns in the U.S. are now cracking down on student partying,” NYT: Colleges and universities      

FoodWISE on protein and sugar

Image: Potatoes—protein and carbs   Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, on proteins and sugar, and cautions on universities “opening,” as here: colleges and coronavirus

FoodWISE and food “components”

Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, about food “components,” and mentions the importance of reliable information, as here: Zoom crash. Image: Thick sheep ricotta—homegrown protein

FoodWISE and reliable information?

See: FoodWISE video Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, about reliable information sources and offers this landmark article on food industry  funding of scientific results.