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South Africa: Post Program Reflection: “Final Thoughts” by Daria Gausman Final thoughts   Now that I’ve been home a few weeks (didn’t mean to wait this long for my final post…oops), I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my time spent in South Africa. I”m just going to respond… Continue Reading →

South Africa: End of Program: “Totsiens, South Africa!” by Daria Gausman Totsiens, South Africa!   Totsiens means “goodbye” in Afrikaans, but I suppose “until next time” is what I’m really hoping for. These past couple of weeks have been absolutely amazing. Due to frantically finishing class assignments and then an… Continue Reading →

South Africa: Mid Program: “Things are Starting to Feel Normal” by Daria Gausman Things are starting to feel normal   Today marks three weeks since I left Wenatchee to come study abroad, and just a couple days shy of a full three weeks in Stellenbosch. It’s a relief to say things are starting… Continue Reading →

South Africa: Arrival: ” One week in!” by Daria Gausman One week in!  June 23, 2017 My walk to class across campus one morning this week (featuring Charlie) I have now been in Stellenbosch for an entire week! The first few days were a blur of unpacking, figuring out… Continue Reading →

Tanzania: Post Program Reflection: “Postcards From Africa” by Tara J. Quattrone Postcards From Africa I have now been home from Tanzania for a few weeks. It’s interesting writing this now because it feels as though this program was now months ago, although it hasn’t been very long. I ended my… Continue Reading →

South Africa: “What has Two Thumbs and Stomach Flu in the Airport?” by Daria Gausman What has two thumbs and stomach flu in the airport? June 15, 2017 That’s right. Me. Welcome to international traveling?? TMI warning for this post – it’s going to get gross and I’m going to question why I’m even putting… Continue Reading →

South Africa: Pre-Departure: “It’s Finally Time” by Daria Gausman

Pre-departure: It’s finally time! Pre-departure: It’s finally time! A little countdown on the airline’s website after checking in for my flight tells me I’m leaving for Stellenbosch, South Africa in 23 hours. Actually, I leave for Frankfurt then. I won’t reach Stellenbosch… Continue Reading →

Tanzania: End of Program: Tara J Quattrone   End of Program Looking at the calendar I see almost four months that have passed by, and only 5 days left in my program. It’s hard to remember how it felt when I first got here. I have… Continue Reading →

Tanzania: Mid Program: “A Day in the Life” by Tara Quattrone   A Day in the Life Every morning for the last month and a half I have woken up in my mosquito net bunk bed to the sounds of birds as the African sun rise makes the sky around… Continue Reading →

2017 Video Contest Winner: Shelby Payne: “Together with Others” Kenya, 2016

Check out my Video! “Together, with others”. This was a common phrase among our wise friends in Kochia, Kenya; a rural village in western Kenya that sat alongside Lake Victoria. “Together, With Others” speaks on the idea that we must… Continue Reading →

Tanzania: Arrival: “First Impressions” by Tara J Quattrone First Impressions Around two weeks ago is when I was getting on the plane to come to Tanzania Africa. The first night we spent in Arusha, where I met the people I will be living with for the next… Continue Reading →

Tanzania: Pre-Departure: by Tara Quattrone Pre-Departure In two days I leave for Tanzania, Africa where I will be studying abroad for the next four months. One of my biggest draws to participate in this study abroad is my desire to travel. I want to… Continue Reading →

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