Vlog: A Year in Seville, Spain by Leah Sharaby

This post comes to us from student blogger in Seville, Leah Sharaby. Leah is a linguistics major from Western Washington University. She was in Seville for the academic year and captured one second each day from the whole year abroad. The video below… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: Post Program: England: Mikayla Lawrence

http://mikaylatakeslondon.weebly.com/blog   HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE And just like that, I’m back in the States. Well, after a tearful goodbye to my beloved London and a non-stop nine-hour flight, that is. I’ve spent the past five days I’ve been… Continue Reading →

How I Planned for Travel Outside my Program: Student Blogs: Rachelle Spencer

One of the best things my grandfather ever had me do was make a budget sheet for my study abroad program  to Japan.  I knew when I studied abroad that I definitely wanted to see other parts of the country… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: End of Program: South Korea: “I’m Almost Home” by Allison Ogle

boldnewadventures.weebly.com   I’m Almost Home  I think that in coming home, I might experience a bit of reverse culture shock. I feel that I have grown a lot as a person and as a teacher. One thing that will be… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: End of Program: South Korea: “Things I Do and Will Miss” Allison Ogle

boldnewadventures.weebly.com   Things I Do and Will Miss Korea and the United states have several things in common but there are a lot of things that are different. There are things I can get and do in the United States… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: Tanzania: End of Program: Tara J Quattrone

http://taraspostcards.blogspot.ca/   End of Program Looking at the calendar I see almost four months that have passed by, and only 5 days left in my program. It’s hard to remember how it felt when I first got here. I have… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: England: End of Program: Mikayla Lawrence

http://mikaylatakeslondon.weebly.com/blog   JUST HOLD ON, WE’RE GOING HOME One week left. I knew it would fly by, but why didn’t anyone tell me just how quickly? I’m just now getting really acquainted with my life in London, and now I… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: South Korea: Mid Program: Allison Ogle

http://boldnewadventures.weebly.com/  My Neighborhood and a Day in My Life 4/11/2017 In Korea, there is a large population and very little space. This means that there are many apartment complexes with many floors. I live in a small apartment complex and… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: England: Pre-Departure: Cheylan Harris

http://cheylanharris.weebly.com/study-abroad/before-i-leave   BEFORE I LEAVE… Before I leave for my trip, I have been researching and planning for the 3 months I will be away. I plan to travel to countries all over Europe and I image it will be… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: South Korea: Post Program: Taiya Brown

A Year Later   I often look at my Facebook feed and can’t believe that it’s been over a year since I first arrived in Seoul. It feels like only yesterday that I took hundreds of pictures with my new… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: Israel: Mid-Program: Maytal Abramson

http://maytalabramson.wixsite.com/blog/single-post/2017/04/07/A-day-in-the-life   “A day in the life” April 7, 2017  Warning: this is a day in the life/mid-program reflection post so it is quite lengthy! A day in the life of my Israel routine. The day usually begins with waking… Continue Reading →

Student Blog: England: Mid Program: Mikayla Lawrence

http://mikaylatakeslondon.weebly.com/   A DAY IN THE LIFE 3/31/2017 I knew I was going to love London, but the one thing I didn’t expect from studying abroad was how nice my neighborhood was going to be, and how little I would… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: Tanzania: Mid Program: Tara Quattrone

http://taraspostcards.blogspot.ca/   A Day in the Life Every morning for the last month and a half I have woken up in my mosquito net bunk bed to the sounds of birds as the African sun rise makes the sky around… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: South Korea: Arrival: Allison Ogle

http://boldnewadventures.weebly.com/   It’s a New Week! 3/7/2017 Things here at my school are going really well! I’ve co-taught one English lesson so far and I have taught a lesson about my hometown(s). Because I am in a public Korean elementary… Continue Reading →

Student Blog: South Korea: Arrival: Allison Ogle

http://boldnewadventures.weebly.com/   Personal Space 3/11/2017 So, I’m learning a bit about personal space in Korean public spaces. I had read online before I came to Korea that because Korea is such a small country and there are so many people,… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: South Korea: Arrival: Allison Ogle

http://boldnewadventures.weebly.com/   It’s Been Two Weeks! 3/12/2017 It has been two weeks since I arrived in Seoul. Now that I’m here, I’m really enjoying a lot of things about Seoul! Everything is really close and convenient. I have two convenience… Continue Reading →

2017 Video Contest Winner: Jacqui Silva, Mexico 2016

Jacqui Silva – WWU EdAbroad Video Contest – Winner 2017 This video is a short documentation of our time in the Tropical Marine Biological Research class, which took place in La Paz, Mexico. For one month over the summer, we… Continue Reading →

2017 Video Contest Entry: Jhomarie Sadang, Central & Eastern Europe

https://youtu.be/pgVOBjJDu64 The video contains a few clips of my trip to Central and Eastern Europe with a group of Western Students. We visited Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Ljubljana. I also included my weekend trip to Berlin in the video as… Continue Reading →

2017 Video Contest Entry: Madison Moore: Mongolia, 2016

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRPwsdsu7FU In the summer of 2016, a group of WWU students and faculty went to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to conduct research on women leaders in the culture. Our days were packed to the brim of different interviews, research, and more, and… Continue Reading →

2017 Video Contest Entry: Megan Duncan, Mongolia, 2016

Check out my Video!

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