Student Blog: Arrival: Maytal Abramson   And so it begins… February 5, 2017 Alas! My study abroad program has officially begun and I am lovin’ it. For the first time in a while, I feel like I’m in the right place in my life. I… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: Mid Program: Alexandra Rose

Sawat de ka!   Greetings from Thailand! After falling ill last week, I have a little catching up to do with my blog. Because my study abroad is a more non-traditional internship abroad, there’s no university life to talk about…. Continue Reading →

Student Blog: Pre-Departure: Tara Quattrone   Pre Departure In two days I leave for Tanzania, Africa where I will be studying abroad for the next four months. One of my biggest draws to participate in this study abroad is my desire to travel. I… Continue Reading →

Student Blog: Arrival: “London, She has Arrived!”: Mikayla Lawrence      Day 13. Loving London. Loving life. After some of the hardest days of my entire life, I’m finally settling into my new home. But, of course, everything that could have gone wrong on my first day did,… Continue Reading →

Student Videos: Europe: “Hopping Around the World” by Julianna Jackson

Student Blogs: Pre-Departure: Mikayla Lawrence   PREPARING FOR TAKE-OFF 1/4/2017 We are officially a day away from departure, two days away from arrival, and eight days away from the first day of class. After years of pondering but only a rushed couple months of… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: Returnees: Lessons From Abroad: Jessie Raetz

If you’ve studied abroad, perhaps this evolution of thought sounds familiar. You arrive to your new foreign home…. Phase 1- “I’m in LOVE! I’m in LOVE and I don’t care who knows it!” -Elf Awe, the study abroad honeymoon phase…. Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: Thailand Internship: Pre-Departure: “So Much to Do, So Little Time:” Alexandra Rose So much to do, so little time. Posted on December 29, 2016 by Alexandra Rose I landed in Seattle only a month ago, and today I started packing to leave again on Friday. It has been a whirlwind of just… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: Israel: Pre-Departure: “T-Minus Three Weeks:” Maytal Abramson T minus three weeks December 18, 2016 With three weeks remaining before I leave for Israel, I’ve decided to do some pre-departure reflection about my goals, worries, etc. There are a few goals I hope to achieve during my semester… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: Australia: Post Program: Study Abroad Takeaways & Reflection: Danika Mogensen

Post Program: Study Abroad Takeaways & Reflection Post Program: Study Abroad Takeaways & Reflection DMogensen December 22, 2016 Australia, New South Wales Post Program: Study Abroad Takeaways & Post Program Reflection What were some of your biggest takeaways from your… Continue Reading →

Photo Contest 2017

The 2017 Photo Contest will open in October of 2017, and open to all students studying abroad during the 2017 Calendar Year! Check here for information and to apply!

Student Blogs: Australia: End of Program: Preparing for Re-Entry: Danika Mogensen…onal-connections/ DMogensen December 7, 2016 Australia, New South Wales, Oceanic End of Program: Preparing for Re-Entry & Maintaining your International Connections What I have missed most about the United States? I feel really bad for saying I don’t miss much… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: Australia: Mid Program: A Day in the Life: Danika Mogensen

A Day in the Life: Study Abroad DMogensen December 7, 2016 Australia, New South Wales, Oceanic Mid Program: “A day in the life” Normal Day The best part about my time in Australia would have to be the people I… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: England & Netherlands: Traveling with Anxiety: Samantha Cook

Traveling with Anxiety   First I would like to say everyone’s experience with anxiety or own struggle with mental health is different. This is my experience and struggle I had and how I got through it.   I studied in… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: Australia: Arrival: Danika Mogensen   Once you get here: Tips – Study abroad Australia Once you get here: Get a SIM card for an Australian number SIM cards abroad are fairly cheap. Global plans through your home service tend to be garbage with… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: Australia: Pre-Departure: Danika Mogensen Before You Leave: Tips for study abroad UON Studying abroad at University of Newcastle (UON) Australia? Check out my tips for before you leave on an experience of a Lifetime. Student Accommodations Decide if you would like to live… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs: Arrival, “First Days in Spain”- Leah Sharaby

  First Days in Spain   First Days in Spain   One of the things that drew me to API was the abundance of included trips, excursions, and activities…  and the first week of the program was no exception! Upon our… Continue Reading →

Student Blogs Estonia: Mid Program: A Day in the life – Dong Dinh

Day to Day In a nutshell, I have been living and interning in Tallinn, Estonia. Currently with EducationUSA in conjunction with Tallinn University of Technology as an administrative intern. It is currently my 8th week here in the Eastern European… Continue Reading →

Digital Storytelling Example “When Does The Journey Begin?”- Krista Mantello

Check out my video below!

Student Blogs: Estonia: A Day In The Life: “Interning, Learning, & Growing” – Dong Dinh

Interning, Learning, and Growing Tere, tervist! Thanks for coming by and checking out week #3. This last week has been a hectic one with lots of events, pictures and new beginnings. I finally started my internship at EducationUSA and have… Continue Reading →

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