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Thailand: “Internship Final Essay” by Spiridon Pappas

Internship Final Essay The First of Many As this semester abroad approaches the final curtain call, I look back and reflect on the 97 hours I spent at my internship with great fondness. It was an honor to have been… Continue Reading →

Thailand: “Internship Mid-Term Essay” by Spiridon Pappas

  Internship Mid-Term Essay The First Foreigner If someone had asked me at the beginning of the USAC semester abroad, “what would be your ideal internship?” “If you could create the perfect internship for yourself, what would it be?” “Try… Continue Reading →

China: “Reflections of Studying in China” by Matthew Horn

Reflections of Studying in China Published about 20 hours ago by hornm2 Tell us about the university, academic experience, the classes, student life, and clubs or activities you are involved with? How are the locals, are there any differences or… Continue Reading →

Taiwan: ISEP Exchange: Pre-Departure: “Hey Taiwan” by Molly O’Meara hey taiwan this is me, my thoughts, my experiences during my year abroad in taiwan The First Entry I started packing to move across the world at midnight last night. That gave me approximately nine hours to pack up… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Post Program Reflection: “Now that I’m Home” by Allison Ogle Now That I’m Home 6/12/2017 I’ve been back home for a while now. I thought that writing this post might be a bit better to do after giving myself a little time to readjust to life back in The… Continue Reading →

Asia: “How I Planned for Travel Outside my Program” by Rachelle Spencer

One of the best things my grandfather ever had me do was make a budget sheet for my study abroad program  to Japan.  I knew when I studied abroad that I definitely wanted to see other parts of the country… Continue Reading →

South Korea: End of Program: “I’m Almost Home” by Allison Ogle   I’m Almost Home  I think that in coming home, I might experience a bit of reverse culture shock. I feel that I have grown a lot as a person and as a teacher. One thing that will be… Continue Reading →

South Korea: End of Program: “Things I Do and Will Miss” Allison Ogle   Things I Do and Will Miss Korea and the United states have several things in common but there are a lot of things that are different. There are things I can get and do in the United States… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Mid Program: “My Neighborhood and a Day in My Life” by Allison Ogle  My Neighborhood and a Day in My Life 4/11/2017 In Korea, there is a large population and very little space. This means that there are many apartment complexes with many floors. I live in a small apartment complex and… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Post Program: “A Year Later” by Taiya Brown

A Year Later   I often look at my Facebook feed and can’t believe that it’s been over a year since I first arrived in Seoul. It feels like only yesterday that I took hundreds of pictures with my new… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Arrival: “It’s a New Week!” by Allison Ogle   It’s a New Week! 3/7/2017 Things here at my school are going really well! I’ve co-taught one English lesson so far and I have taught a lesson about my hometown(s). Because I am in a public Korean elementary… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Arrival: “Personal Space” by Allison Ogle   Personal Space 3/11/2017 So, I’m learning a bit about personal space in Korean public spaces. I had read online before I came to Korea that because Korea is such a small country and there are so many people,… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Arrival: “It’s Been Two Weeks!” by Allison Ogle   It’s Been Two Weeks! 3/12/2017 It has been two weeks since I arrived in Seoul. Now that I’m here, I’m really enjoying a lot of things about Seoul! Everything is really close and convenient. I have two convenience… Continue Reading →

2017 Video Contest Entry: Madison Moore: Mongolia, 2016 In the summer of 2016, a group of WWU students and faculty went to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to conduct research on women leaders in the culture. Our days were packed to the brim of different interviews, research, and more, and… Continue Reading →

2017 Video Contest Entry: Megan Duncan, Mongolia, 2016

Check out my Video!

South Korea: Pre-Departure: “Thoughts Before I Go” by Allison Ogle   Thoughts Before I Go 1/12/2017 1 Comment             I am so excited to go to Korea and begin my student teaching! I’m really hoping to learn a lot about the Korean language and… Continue Reading →

Thailand: Arrival: “Greetings from Thailand” by Alexandra Rose

Sawat de ka!   Greetings from Thailand! After falling ill last week, I have a little catching up to do with my blog. Because my study abroad is a more non-traditional internship abroad, there’s no university life to talk about…. Continue Reading →

Thailand: Internship: Pre-Departure: “So Much to Do, So Little Time” by Alexandra Rose So much to do, so little time. Posted on December 29, 2016 by Alexandra Rose I landed in Seattle only a month ago, and today I started packing to leave again on Friday. It has been a whirlwind of just… Continue Reading →

Japan: Arrival: “Icebreakers” by Erica Virata Day 1: Icebreakers Several things became immediately apparent to me upon moving to Akita, Japan: the washrooms are far superior in Japan (the whole world should have these showers), I am obscenely spoiled by my bed in America (I… Continue Reading →

Japan: “Day 4: The Heart That – Rightly” by Erica Virata Day 4: The Heart That -Rightly- (My first bad English souvenir! It’s truly Christmas in August.) Today was the AIUlympics, a sporting event held by the RA’s on campus! The turn-out was much larger than I’d  expected, which was lovely…. Continue Reading →

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