Post Program: Study Abroad Takeaways & Post Program Reflection

The Netherlands: “Post Program: A reflection” by Ellis Thomson

POST PROGRAM: A REFLECTION “Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.”- Jerzy Gregorek It’s been two weeks since I arrived home to the cozy embrace of the PNW, fifteen days since I was in Europe, and three-hundred and sixty… Continue Reading →

Italy: Post Program: “Study Abroad Takeaways & Reflection” by Carissa Loft

Post Program: Study Abroad Takeaways & Post Program Reflection Some of the biggest takeaways from this experience were visiting so many cities in Europe, making new friends, growing as a person, being out of my comfort zone and learning from… Continue Reading →

France: Post Program Reflection: “After France… Now What?” by Brenna Roach

After France… Now What? Winter quarter has officially started at Western, and it has been 17 days since I said goodbye to Lyon. While I’m really excited to be back with my friends, and living the university life again; I’m… Continue Reading →

Spain: Post Program Reflection: “The Return” by Alexis Mathews

Mt. Baker in the distance The Return December 15, 2017 It has been some time since I have finished my stay in Madrid. I often think of the city that I called home for a month and reflect on my… Continue Reading →

China: “Reflections of Studying in China” by Matthew Horn

Reflections of Studying in China Published about 20 hours ago by hornm2 Tell us about the university, academic experience, the classes, student life, and clubs or activities you are involved with? How are the locals, are there any differences or… Continue Reading →

France: Post Program Reflection: “The Continuation of Something Great” by Sebastian Zgirski

The Continuation of Something Great I remember clearly, the feeling of waking up at 4am getting ready and calling a cab to pick me up from the Kraków hostel I was staying at, of how drowsy and half asleep, yet serious I… Continue Reading →

Ireland: Post Program Reflection: “Planning my Next Adventure” by Mikayla Monroe Post-Program: Planning my Next Adventure   My mom, my sister, and I have a tradition whenever we leave somewhere we love. Regardless of the temperature, we go into the body of water we stayed near and dunk. Then, when we… Continue Reading →

Israel: Post Program Reflection: “Back in the Bay” by Maytal Abramson

Back in the Bay     September 24, 2017 After 1 sleeping pill, 2 movies, 3 meals and 2 bathroom breaks, I made it back home. I knew it would be a difficult return but in all honesty, it almost feels… Continue Reading →

Germany & England: Post Program Reflection: “An Ending and a Beginning” by Joyia Squires

An Ending and a Beginning   Was kommt als Nächstes? A few weeks have passed since I landed back in the U.S. with a powerful jet lag numbing my mind. Looking back on my summer abroad is like remembering a… Continue Reading →

Italy: Post Program Reflection: “Hello Florence, Its Beka” by Rebeka Carr

South Africa: Post Program Reflection: “Final Thoughts” by Daria Gausman Final thoughts   Now that I’ve been home a few weeks (didn’t mean to wait this long for my final post…oops), I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my time spent in South Africa. I”m just going to respond… Continue Reading →

Denmark: Post Program Reflection: “June in Copenhagen” by Megan Dale Photo: Boulevard Park; Bellingham, WA; July 4th, 2017 1 week ago was my first full day back in the states. I ended up getting home right on time after about 24 hours of travel with just a healthy amount of… Continue Reading →

Tanzania: Post Program Reflection: “Postcards From Africa” by Tara J. Quattrone Postcards From Africa I have now been home from Tanzania for a few weeks. It’s interesting writing this now because it feels as though this program was now months ago, although it hasn’t been very long. I ended my… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Post Program Reflection: “Now that I’m Home” by Allison Ogle Now That I’m Home 6/12/2017 I’ve been back home for a while now. I thought that writing this post might be a bit better to do after giving myself a little time to readjust to life back in The… Continue Reading →

England: Post Program Reflection: “Hello From the Other Side” by Mikayla Lawrence   HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE And just like that, I’m back in the States. Well, after a tearful goodbye to my beloved London and a non-stop nine-hour flight, that is. I’ve spent the past five days I’ve been… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Post Program: “A Year Later” by Taiya Brown

A Year Later   I often look at my Facebook feed and can’t believe that it’s been over a year since I first arrived in Seoul. It feels like only yesterday that I took hundreds of pictures with my new… Continue Reading →

Returnees: “What I Gained From Attending The Lessons From Abroad Conference in Seattle” by Jessie Raetz

If you’ve studied abroad, perhaps this evolution of thought sounds familiar. You arrive to your new foreign home…. Phase 1- “I’m in LOVE! I’m in LOVE and I don’t care who knows it!” -Elf Awe, the study abroad honeymoon phase…. Continue Reading →

Australia: Exchange: Post Program: Study Abroad Takeaways & Reflection by Danika Mogensen

Post Program: Study Abroad Takeaways & Reflection Post Program: Study Abroad Takeaways & Reflection DMogensen December 22, 2016 Australia, New South Wales Post Program: Study Abroad Takeaways & Post Program Reflection What were some of your biggest takeaways from your… Continue Reading →

England & Netherlands: “Traveling with Anxiety” by Samantha Cook

Traveling with Anxiety   First I would like to say everyone’s experience with anxiety or own struggle with mental health is different. This is my experience and struggle I had and how I got through it.   I studied in… Continue Reading →

Spain: Post Program: “Back to Reality, Re-Adjustment to Life in the States” by Nick Gillett Back to Reality, Re-adjustment to Life in the States August 31, 2016 With my re-entry into life in the states, my study abroad (and two extra weeks of travel) have come to a close. Leaving Europe was one of the hardest… Continue Reading →

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