Coping with Anxiety Abroad

France: Post Program Reflection: “The Continuation of Something Great” by Sebastian Zgirski

The Continuation of Something Great I remember clearly, the feeling of waking up at 4am getting ready and calling a cab to pick me up from the Kraków hostel I was staying at, of how drowsy and half asleep, yet serious I… Continue Reading →

Spain: Pre-Departure: “Are You Ready Yet?!” by Liza Alter Are you ready yet?! So, heads up – studying abroad will be the most time consuming, taxing thing you will do (although, so I hear, the best). For me, it has been amplified by the stress of my everyday… Continue Reading →

Greece: Pre-Departure: “The One Where I Anxiously Wait My Departure” by Nicole Wright

The one where I anxiously wait my departure. I officially leave for Europe in 2 weeks and because of my overzealous planning I have nothing left to stress about… which is stressing me out. Not having anything left to plan… Continue Reading →

Germany: “Berlin and Hostels” by Sebastian Zgirski

Berlin and Hostels As I’m writing this post I’m sitting on my friend’s couch in Wrocław, Poland, trying to process everything that has occurred in the last week. Exactly a week ago I was 1365 km southwest, in Lyon, France,… Continue Reading →

France: Mid Program: “A Day in the Life of a European” by Sebastian Zgirski

A Day in the Life of a European As I’m writing this blog post, I’m currently in the middle of my fourth week in France, finishing up my finals, and nearing the end of my program. It’s not a mid-program post,… Continue Reading →

Germany: “Bravery and Castles” by Joyia Squires Bravery and Castles Warum nicht? During my first two weeks I had a lot of extra time on my hands. I could have used it to write some more in-depth blog posts, study more intensely, or be more productive… Continue Reading →

South Africa: Pre-Departure: “It’s Finally Time” by Daria Gausman

Pre-departure: It’s finally time! Pre-departure: It’s finally time! A little countdown on the airline’s website after checking in for my flight tells me I’m leaving for Stellenbosch, South Africa in 23 hours. Actually, I leave for Frankfurt then. I won’t reach Stellenbosch… Continue Reading →

France: Pre-Departure: “The Start of Something Great” by Sebastian Zgirski   Hello!!! Thank you so much for deciding to read this blog, it means the world to me! As I finish up my spring quarter here at Western Washington University, I find myself extremely excited for the journey I’m… Continue Reading →

Germany: Pre-Departure: “In Preparation” by Joyia Squires   In Preparation Am Samstag fliege ich nach Deutschland. Of course I had to choose a program that starts during finals week. Every day is packed tight from 8am to 11pm. I make sure to pack the essentials–classes, lunch,… Continue Reading →

England & Netherlands: “Traveling with Anxiety” by Samantha Cook

Traveling with Anxiety   First I would like to say everyone’s experience with anxiety or own struggle with mental health is different. This is my experience and struggle I had and how I got through it.   I studied in… Continue Reading →

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