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Israel: Post Program Reflection: “Back in the Bay” by Maytal Abramson

Back in the Bay     September 24, 2017 After 1 sleeping pill, 2 movies, 3 meals and 2 bathroom breaks, I made it back home. I knew it would be a difficult return but in all honesty, it almost feels… Continue Reading →

Israel: End of Program: “Farewell, Dance Jerusalem” by Maytal Abramson Farewell, Dance Jerusalem Two days ago, I officially ended the Dance Jerusalem semester program and boy, I wish I did the year program. Technically, I finished on the 20th of June, however on the 27th we had a Gaga class… Continue Reading →

Israel: Mid-Program: “A Day in the Life” by Maytal Abramson   “A day in the life” April 7, 2017  Warning: this is a day in the life/mid-program reflection post so it is quite lengthy! A day in the life of my Israel routine. The day usually begins with waking… Continue Reading →

Israel: Arrival: “And so it begins…” by Maytal Abramson   And so it begins… February 5, 2017   Alas! My study abroad program has officially begun and I am lovin’ it. For the first time in a while, I feel like I’m in the right place in my… Continue Reading →

Israel: Pre-Departure: “T-Minus Three Weeks:” by Maytal Abramson T minus three weeks December 18, 2016 With three weeks remaining before I leave for Israel, I’ve decided to do some pre-departure reflection about my goals, worries, etc. There are a few goals I hope to achieve during my semester… Continue Reading →

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