End of Program: Preparing for Re-Entry & Maintaining your International Connections

The Netherlands: “End of Program/WWOOFing in España” by Ellis Thomson

End of Program/WWOOFing in España I left the Hague for the final, and last moment ever in the history of time. It was raining, a slight drizzle agains the window pane…of my train. I am not sure if the true… Continue Reading →

Italy: End of Program: “Ciao Reggio Emilia” by Carissa Loft

End of Program: Ciao Reggio Emilia, Italy! “Change is the only constant in life” – Unknown It comes to the day that I’m packing up my bags and saying goodbye to the people I call my friends. The people who… Continue Reading →

France: End of Program: “Until Next Time, Grenoble” by Libby Babb

Until Next Time, Grenoble At this time, three days from now, my plane will be landing in Seattle, and I’ll be home. In all honesty, it doesn’t even seem real yet. It’s hard to imagine not waking up in my cozy… Continue Reading →

Germany: End of Program: “Preparing for Re-Entry” by Elizabeth Moorhead

End of Program: Preparing for Re-Entry & Maintaining your International Connections December 16, 2017 moorhee Germanyappreciation, end, Germany, reflection “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” -Winnie the Pooh It’s almost time for me… Continue Reading →

France: End of Program: “Coming to Terms With the End” by Brenna Roach

Coming to Terms With the End We are now 12 days away from the end of my semester abroad, and to sum it up into one phrase, it’s been one crazy journey. My program adviser here in Lyon said the… Continue Reading →

Spain: End of Program: “All Good Things Must Come to an End” by Alexis Mathews

All Good Things Must Come to an End As I prepare to go home I am beginning to realize that I am going to miss many things. But there are things that I have missed about the United States. The… Continue Reading →

Poland: End of Program: “SebiOnTheWorld” by Sebastian Zgirski

Poland So I’m in my ancestral home of Poland, visiting friends and family, and experiencing my own culture, and even a bit of history! After I had finished my study abroad in Lyon, one of the program coordinators asked me… Continue Reading →

Ireland: End of Program: “Farewell, Ireland” by Mikayla Monroe

(Late) End of Program Blog: Farewell, Ireland Due to my final week in Ireland and my past two weeks home being super hectic and packed, I am just now writing the End of Program blog. I can still clearly recall how… Continue Reading →

Italy: End of Program: “Ciao Firenze” by Rebeka Carr

Germany: End of Program: “Ich Vermisse Euch Schon” by Joyia Squires

Ich vermisse euch schon July 28, 2017 Ich habe mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren. I’ve arrived at the end of my time studying here in Germany. I’m having a hard time processing the fact that my next stop is England…. Continue Reading →

South Africa: End of Program: “Totsiens, South Africa!” by Daria Gausman Totsiens, South Africa!   Totsiens means “goodbye” in Afrikaans, but I suppose “until next time” is what I’m really hoping for. These past couple of weeks have been absolutely amazing. Due to frantically finishing class assignments and then an… Continue Reading →

Israel: End of Program: “Farewell, Dance Jerusalem” by Maytal Abramson Farewell, Dance Jerusalem Two days ago, I officially ended the Dance Jerusalem semester program and boy, I wish I did the year program. Technically, I finished on the 20th of June, however on the 27th we had a Gaga class… Continue Reading →

Denmark: End of Program: “A Summer in Copenhagen” by Megan Dale I am currently sitting in the Copenhagen airport waiting to hear the outcome of my standby status. Apparently the city didn’t want to let me go! At this moment though home is the only place I want to be…. Continue Reading →

South Korea: End of Program: “I’m Almost Home” by Allison Ogle   I’m Almost Home  I think that in coming home, I might experience a bit of reverse culture shock. I feel that I have grown a lot as a person and as a teacher. One thing that will be… Continue Reading →

South Korea: End of Program: “Things I Do and Will Miss” Allison Ogle   Things I Do and Will Miss Korea and the United states have several things in common but there are a lot of things that are different. There are things I can get and do in the United States… Continue Reading →

Tanzania: End of Program: Tara J Quattrone   End of Program Looking at the calendar I see almost four months that have passed by, and only 5 days left in my program. It’s hard to remember how it felt when I first got here. I have… Continue Reading →

England: End of Program: “Just Hold On, We’re Going Home,” by Mikayla Lawrence   JUST HOLD ON, WE’RE GOING HOME One week left. I knew it would fly by, but why didn’t anyone tell me just how quickly? I’m just now getting really acquainted with my life in London, and now I… Continue Reading →

Australia: Exchange: End of Program: “Preparing for Re-Entry” by Danika Mogensen…onal-connections/ DMogensen December 7, 2016 Australia, New South Wales, Oceanic End of Program: Preparing for Re-Entry & Maintaining your International Connections What I have missed most about the United States? I feel really bad for saying I don’t miss much… Continue Reading →

Spain: End of Program: “Adios Barcelona, mi amor!” by Nick Gillett

¡Adíos Barcelona, mi amor! August 13, 2016 With finals completed, some friends having already left for home, and my metro passes running out- the end of my time in Barcelona is officially closing in and I am having a hard time… Continue Reading →

South Korea: End of Program “One Week Left Until Leaving Yonsei” by Taiya Brown One Week Left. . .Until Leaving Yonsei 6/16/2016 0 Comments Remember when I started my blog counting the weeks as they went by? Now I have to say. . . I have less than one week left until I… Continue Reading →

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