Pre-Departure: What are your goals for your international experience?

France: Pre-Departure: “Before Arriving in Lyon” by Grace Peyerwold Before Arriving Leading up to my study abroad experience, I have not had enough time to truly relish in excitement. In the week approaching my departure, I had three final exams, two lab practicals, one final paper, one final… Continue Reading →

Spain: Pre-Departure “Heading Back to Spain” by Olivia Esparza

Pre-Departure: Heading Back to Spain Since September I have been studying Spanish for my Spanish major in Seville Spain. After finishing the first semester and going home for Christmas break I’m now preparing to return to Seville for my last… Continue Reading →

Czech Republic: “Pre-Departure” by Sarah Zinda

Pre-Departure This posting will be the first of five required for the TWP (discussed in my first posting) through WWU EdAbroad. For a more detailed account of the TWP you can visit “Pre-Departure: What are your goals for your international… Continue Reading →

France: Pre-Departure: “The Pre-Trip Jitters Strike” by Brenna Roach

The Pre-Trip Jitters Strike Hey guys! I figured I would start this blog out now with one of my certificate posts, and a sort of introduction more than what you can find in the about. My name is Brenna, and… Continue Reading →

Spain: Pre-Departure: “The Adventure Begins…” by Alexis Mathews

The Adventure Begins… It’s a little over a week until I will depart on the biggest adventure of my life thus far. I will be boarding a plane to travel half way across the world, to a place that I… Continue Reading →

Spain: Pre-Departure: “Are You Ready Yet?!” by Liza Alter Are you ready yet?! So, heads up – studying abroad will be the most time consuming, taxing thing you will do (although, so I hear, the best). For me, it has been amplified by the stress of my everyday… Continue Reading →

The Netherlands: “Pre-Departure” by Ellis Thomson

Netherlands: Pre-Departure: What are your goals for your international experience? Greetings. It is I, Ellis Theodore of the house of Thomson. These letters, words, and sentences are the beginnings of a blog I am sharing for my six months of… Continue Reading →

Taiwan: ISEP Exchange: Pre-Departure: “Hey Taiwan” by Molly O’Meara hey taiwan this is me, my thoughts, my experiences during my year abroad in taiwan The First Entry I started packing to move across the world at midnight last night. That gave me approximately nine hours to pack up… Continue Reading →

France: Pre-Departure: “Up, Up, and Away…Almost.” by Libby Babb Up, Up, and Away… Almost. A view of Grenoble In less than 24hours I’ll be on a plane, flying away to a country I’ve never been to, getting ready to spend the next four months out of my comfort zone… Continue Reading →

Italy: Pre-Departure: “Paperwork, Jitters & Excitement, Oh My!” by Carissa Loft Pre-Departure: Paperwork, Jitters and Excitement- Oh, my! (Me jumping out of B’ham!) Hello! My name is Carissa Loft and I am a senior at Western Washington University starting Fall 2017. I am majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology…. Continue Reading →

Cuba: Pre-Departure: “Buen Viaje: Preparing to Study in Cuba” by Questen Inghram Buen viaje: Preparing to study in Cuba A little light reading in preparation. Bug-proofing my clothes wasn’t very fun, but neither are mosquitoes.   I am looking forward to having my preconceptions challenged as I spend almost four months experiencing… Continue Reading →

Greece: Pre-Departure: “The One Where I Anxiously Wait My Departure” by Nicole Wright

The one where I anxiously wait my departure. I officially leave for Europe in 2 weeks and because of my overzealous planning I have nothing left to stress about… which is stressing me out. Not having anything left to plan… Continue Reading →

Germany: Pre Departure: “Goals” by Elizabeth Moorhead

Pre-Departure: Goals July 25, 2017 Germany “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” –Marcus Annaeus Seneca The eve of our departure is quickly approaching, and as always, there is just one more thing to be finished before we… Continue Reading →

Italy: Pre-Departure: “Ciao Firenze” by Beka Carr   The time leading up to this trip has been stressful, exciting, scary, and overwhelming. But I would not trade it for the world. This is my first time out of the country (other than Canada and Mexico) and… Continue Reading →

Ireland: Pre-Departure: “So Long, North America!” by Mikayla Monroe

So Long, North America! So Long, North America!   June 27, 2017 mikaylamonroe As I write (eager as ever with only one day until my departure!), I can’t help but think of all the adventures I’ll have while studying abroad this summer…. Continue Reading →

South Africa: Pre-Departure: “It’s Finally Time” by Daria Gausman

Pre-departure: It’s finally time! Pre-departure: It’s finally time! A little countdown on the airline’s website after checking in for my flight tells me I’m leaving for Stellenbosch, South Africa in 23 hours. Actually, I leave for Frankfurt then. I won’t reach Stellenbosch… Continue Reading →

Costa Rica: Pre-Departure: “Departure Anticipation” by Savannah Daniels Departure Anticipation! Here are some things I’ve been thinking about: What do you hope to gain and how much research have you done on your host country and culture that will better prepare you for this experience? I hope… Continue Reading →

France: Pre-Departure: “The Start of Something Great” by Sebastian Zgirski   Hello!!! Thank you so much for deciding to read this blog, it means the world to me! As I finish up my spring quarter here at Western Washington University, I find myself extremely excited for the journey I’m… Continue Reading →

Denmark: Pre-Departure: “June in Copenhagen” by Megan Dale One week from tomorrow I am driving up to Vancouver, BC to catch a flight early the next morning to Copenhagen, Denmark. WOW! To see this all come together has been so surreal to me. It still doesn’t feel… Continue Reading →

Germany: Pre-Departure: “In Preparation” by Joyia Squires   In Preparation Am Samstag fliege ich nach Deutschland. Of course I had to choose a program that starts during finals week. Every day is packed tight from 8am to 11pm. I make sure to pack the essentials–classes, lunch,… Continue Reading →

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