Arrival: Host Country & Cultural Immersion

France: Arrival: “Home Sweet Home in Grenoble” by Libby Babb

Home Sweet Home in Grenoble Well, here I am! I arrived in Grenoble, France a little over a week and a half ago, and what an adventure it’s been already. To start out, I’d like to say that jet lag is… Continue Reading →

Italy: Arrival: “Hello Florence it’s Beka” by Rebeka Carr

Ireland: Arrival: “Maynooth: Home Sweet Home” by Mikayla Monroe

Maynooth: Home Sweet Home   I am having such as amazing time in Ireland, I honestly don’t know what to talk about first! Maynooth, where I’m based at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, is such a cute college and commuter… Continue Reading →

France: Arrival: “Bienvenue en France!” by Sebastian Zgirski

Bienvenue en France!   I have been in France for almost two weeks now, and  I’ve had the time of my life. In the short two weeks that I have been here, I have already experienced so much and tried… Continue Reading →

South Africa: Arrival: ” One week in!” by Daria Gausman One week in!  June 23, 2017 My walk to class across campus one morning this week (featuring Charlie) I have now been in Stellenbosch for an entire week! The first few days were a blur of unpacking, figuring out… Continue Reading →

Denmark: Arrival: “Summer in Copenhagen” by Megan Dale   I have now been in Copenhagen for about 2 ½ days now and I have never felt so comfortable in a new place so fast. The Danes have been so welcoming (in there own, uniquely Danish way, but… Continue Reading →

Germany: Arrival: “Week 1” by Joyia Squires

Week 1 Was bedeutet das? One of the several reasons I am studying a language in another country is to experience all of the struggles that come with being an international student so that I might be better equipped to… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Arrival: “It’s a New Week!” by Allison Ogle   It’s a New Week! 3/7/2017 Things here at my school are going really well! I’ve co-taught one English lesson so far and I have taught a lesson about my hometown(s). Because I am in a public Korean elementary… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Arrival: “Personal Space” by Allison Ogle   Personal Space 3/11/2017 So, I’m learning a bit about personal space in Korean public spaces. I had read online before I came to Korea that because Korea is such a small country and there are so many people,… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Arrival: “It’s Been Two Weeks!” by Allison Ogle   It’s Been Two Weeks! 3/12/2017 It has been two weeks since I arrived in Seoul. Now that I’m here, I’m really enjoying a lot of things about Seoul! Everything is really close and convenient. I have two convenience… Continue Reading →

Tanzania: Arrival: “First Impressions” by Tara J Quattrone First Impressions Around two weeks ago is when I was getting on the plane to come to Tanzania Africa. The first night we spent in Arusha, where I met the people I will be living with for the next… Continue Reading →

Israel: Arrival: “And so it begins…” by Maytal Abramson   And so it begins… February 5, 2017   Alas! My study abroad program has officially begun and I am lovin’ it. For the first time in a while, I feel like I’m in the right place in my… Continue Reading →

Thailand: Arrival: “Greetings from Thailand” by Alexandra Rose

Sawat de ka!   Greetings from Thailand! After falling ill last week, I have a little catching up to do with my blog. Because my study abroad is a more non-traditional internship abroad, there’s no university life to talk about…. Continue Reading →

England: Arrival: “London, She has Arrived” by Mikayla Lawrence      Day 13. Loving London. Loving life. After some of the hardest days of my entire life, I’m finally settling into my new home. But, of course, everything that could have gone wrong on my first day did,… Continue Reading →

Australia: Exchange: Arrival: “Tips once you get here” by Danika Mogensen   Once you get here: Tips – Study abroad Australia Once you get here: Get a SIM card for an Australian number SIM cards abroad are fairly cheap. Global plans through your home service tend to be garbage with… Continue Reading →

Spain: Arrival: by Leah Sharaby

  First Days in Spain   First Days in Spain   One of the things that drew me to API was the abundance of included trips, excursions, and activities…  and the first week of the program was no exception! Upon our… Continue Reading →

Estonia: Internship: Arrival “First Week Completed!” by Dong Dinh

First week completed! Hey everyone of the internet! It has been a little over a week since I have been in Tallinn, Estonia. The week has been packed with adventures, meeting new people, and trying many different (and new) ways… Continue Reading →

Australia: Exchange: “Arrival” by Danika Mogensen Arrival: Host Country & Culture Immersion DMogensen August 9, 2016 Australia, New South Wales Click here to check out my Vlog Update #1: Arrival, Housing, and Onsite insights! Vlog Update #1 – University of Newcastle, Australia ◦ What are your… Continue Reading →

Japan: Arrival: “Icebreakers” by Erica Virata Day 1: Icebreakers Several things became immediately apparent to me upon moving to Akita, Japan: the washrooms are far superior in Japan (the whole world should have these showers), I am obscenely spoiled by my bed in America (I… Continue Reading →

Estonia: Internship: Arrival: “Arriving in Tallinn” by Dong Dinh Arriving in Tallinn Going over greenland Hey everyone! Thanks again for tuning in. After two transfers/layovers in Reykjavik and Oslo I made it to the city of Tallinn! Here are some pictures of my dorm (left), the college campus… Continue Reading →

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