March 2017

England: Mid Program: “A Day in The Life” by Mikayla Lawrence   A DAY IN THE LIFE 3/31/2017 I knew I was going to love London, but the one thing I didn’t expect from studying abroad was how nice my neighborhood was going to be, and how little I would… Continue Reading →

The Peer Advisors’ Guide to Housing and Planning for when you return!

  Are you excited about study abroad, but stressed about navigating your housing situation when you return to WWU? We all know that going abroad is often times the highlight of one’s college experience. But did you know that the longer… Continue Reading →

Tanzania: Mid Program: “A Day in the Life” by Tara Quattrone   A Day in the Life Every morning for the last month and a half I have woken up in my mosquito net bunk bed to the sounds of birds as the African sun rise makes the sky around… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Arrival: “It’s a New Week!” by Allison Ogle   It’s a New Week! 3/7/2017 Things here at my school are going really well! I’ve co-taught one English lesson so far and I have taught a lesson about my hometown(s). Because I am in a public Korean elementary… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Arrival: “Personal Space” by Allison Ogle   Personal Space 3/11/2017 So, I’m learning a bit about personal space in Korean public spaces. I had read online before I came to Korea that because Korea is such a small country and there are so many people,… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Arrival: “It’s Been Two Weeks!” by Allison Ogle   It’s Been Two Weeks! 3/12/2017 It has been two weeks since I arrived in Seoul. Now that I’m here, I’m really enjoying a lot of things about Seoul! Everything is really close and convenient. I have two convenience… Continue Reading →

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