This video is a collection of shots I got during my internship with Young Life’s Malibu Club Camp. Located on the Jervis Inlet in British Columbia Canada this camp is completely off the grid, using a waterfall high in the mountains to provide hydro power to the camp and it’s 300-400 highschoolers that come per week during the summer. My time there was an incredible experience for my Outdoor Recreation major at WWU. This short video contains scenes from areas around camp, stating off with an ariel shot of camp followed by a few of the natural waterfalls in the area. Next is the ride into and out of camp through the Jervis inlet. Sometimes in the pre or post season, guests from the Seattle/Vancouver area will rent out the camp and come up in sea planes and yachts. The Malibu club also offers kids the experience of a downhill mt. bike course as well as waterskiing and wake boarding down the smaller Princess Louisa Inlet. There are many canyons and rivers flowing around camp and this is one of those beautiful hard to reach locations. The primary mode of transportation is water taxis to make it into camp, this is a shot of one entering the Malibu rapids before arrival at camp. This video finishes off with higher altitude shots of the approaching sunset in the Jervis. Thanks for watching and providing education abroad! It truly is a one of a kind experience!