May 2017

Germany: Pre-Departure: “In Preparation” by Joyia Squires   In Preparation Am Samstag fliege ich nach Deutschland. Of course I had to choose a program that starts during finals week. Every day is packed tight from 8am to 11pm. I make sure to pack the essentials–classes, lunch,… Continue Reading →

Spain: Vlog: A Year in Seville, Spain by Leah Sharaby

This post comes to us from student blogger in Seville, Leah Sharaby. Leah is a linguistics major from Western Washington University. She was in Seville for the academic year and captured one second each day from the whole year abroad. The video below… Continue Reading →

England: Post Program Reflection: “Hello From the Other Side” by Mikayla Lawrence   HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE And just like that, I’m back in the States. Well, after a tearful goodbye to my beloved London and a non-stop nine-hour flight, that is. I’ve spent the past five days I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Asia: “How I Planned for Travel Outside my Program” by Rachelle Spencer

One of the best things my grandfather ever had me do was make a budget sheet for my study abroad program  to Japan.  I knew when I studied abroad that I definitely wanted to see other parts of the country… Continue Reading →

South Korea: End of Program: “I’m Almost Home” by Allison Ogle   I’m Almost Home  I think that in coming home, I might experience a bit of reverse culture shock. I feel that I have grown a lot as a person and as a teacher. One thing that will be… Continue Reading →

South Korea: End of Program: “Things I Do and Will Miss” Allison Ogle   Things I Do and Will Miss Korea and the United states have several things in common but there are a lot of things that are different. There are things I can get and do in the United States… Continue Reading →

Tanzania: End of Program: Tara J Quattrone   End of Program Looking at the calendar I see almost four months that have passed by, and only 5 days left in my program. It’s hard to remember how it felt when I first got here. I have… Continue Reading →

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