August 2016

Spain: Post Program: “Back to Reality, Re-Adjustment to Life in the States” by Nick Gillett Back to Reality, Re-adjustment to Life in the States August 31, 2016 With my re-entry into life in the states, my study abroad (and two extra weeks of travel) have come to a close. Leaving Europe was one of the hardest… Continue Reading →

Japan: Arrival: “Icebreakers” by Erica Virata Day 1: Icebreakers Several things became immediately apparent to me upon moving to Akita, Japan: the washrooms are far superior in Japan (the whole world should have these showers), I am obscenely spoiled by my bed in America (I… Continue Reading →

Estonia: Internship: Arrival: “Arriving in Tallinn” by Dong Dinh Arriving in Tallinn Going over greenland Hey everyone! Thanks again for tuning in. After two transfers/layovers in Reykjavik and Oslo I made it to the city of Tallinn! Here are some pictures of my dorm (left), the college campus… Continue Reading →

Japan: “Day 4: The Heart That – Rightly” by Erica Virata Day 4: The Heart That -Rightly- (My first bad English souvenir! It’s truly Christmas in August.) Today was the AIUlympics, a sporting event held by the RA’s on campus! The turn-out was much larger than I’d  expected, which was lovely…. Continue Reading →

Estonia: Internship: “Pre-Departure” by Dong Dinh Pre-departure Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning in. At the moment I am waiting at the airport waiting for my flight to leave. It is pretty exciting and scary at the same time. (I ran into a big glass window… Continue Reading →

Austria: Pre-Departure: “Leaving for Vienna” by Katherine Holdcroft Take the Phone Off the Hook and Disappear for Awhile: Leaving for Vienna Before departing on my year long stay in Vienna, I have millions of thoughts flitting in and out of the subconscious of my everyday. The troubling… Continue Reading →

Spain: End of Program: “Adios Barcelona, mi amor!” by Nick Gillett

¡Adíos Barcelona, mi amor! August 13, 2016 With finals completed, some friends having already left for home, and my metro passes running out- the end of my time in Barcelona is officially closing in and I am having a hard time… Continue Reading →

South Korea “My Adventures in Daegu” by Taiya Brown   My Adventures in Daegu! 3/29/2016 0 Comments This past weekend was so much fun!! After a busy Friday running around, I took the train to Daegu to visit Hansol and her parents! It was so awesome to stay… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Mid Program “A Normal Tuesday” by Taiya Brown A Normal Tuesday: 3/8/2016 0 Comments Today felt like a normal day. Which actually feels a bit peculiar. It’s amazing how new places quickly no longer feel new. There are still places to explore and people to meet, but… Continue Reading →

South Korea: End of Program “One Week Left Until Leaving Yonsei” by Taiya Brown One Week Left. . .Until Leaving Yonsei 6/16/2016 0 Comments Remember when I started my blog counting the weeks as they went by? Now I have to say. . . I have less than one week left until I… Continue Reading →

New Zealand: Mid Program: “New Adventures” by Ian Faulds New Adventures New Zealand is amazing! I love it here so much, and I can see myself returning to Wellington again to live. Wellington is much like a mix of Vancouver, BC, Portland, OR, and Bellingham, with lots of… Continue Reading →

New Zealand: “Rugby!! (and Culture)” by Ian Faulds Rugby!! (and culture) Rugby is the national sport of New Zealand, and as such it is a very big deal here. As you may or may not know the Rugby World Cup is currently being held in New Zealand…. Continue Reading →

Chile: End of Program: “Falta un Mes” by Sarah falta un mes Posted on November 2, 2011 by almostbilingual Standard I only have one more month left in Chile. I have never really had to leave behind so much before. In Seattle I have lived in the same… Continue Reading →

Chile: “Pre-Departure” by Sarah Pre – departure Posted on July 13, 2011 by almostbilingual Standard Waiting has never been an activity I enjoy. As my departure day nears I have already had a hectic stream of emotions. Anxiety. Fear. Excitement. Wonder. Joy. These emotions… Continue Reading →

Uruguay: “Into the Wild” by Rikki Into the wild Posted on October 29, 2013by rikki As am I writing this, my body is sore, my face burnt, my hands cramping, and it is all thanks to my wonderful weekend trip with my Adventure Tourism class…. Continue Reading →

Italy: “5 Things I Learned in Rome” by Lainey Rose 5 Things I Learned in Rome posted in Europe, Italy, Rome, Tips and Tidbits by mrknight3 A Photograph of the roundabout near our hostel in Rome at the top of Via Nazionale. After reflecting on my trip to Rome, I… Continue Reading →

Argentina: “Aventuras Argentinas” by Rikki   Aventuras argentinas Posted on November 30, 2013by rikki It is nearly impossible to describe las Cataratas del Iguazú, better known as Iguazú Falls. My week-long trip in Argentina was full of its ups and downs, so let’s begin…… Continue Reading →

Spain: Mid Program: “My New Normal” by Nick Gillett

Phase III- My New Normal PHASE III- MY NEW NORMAL August 2, 2016 I have officially hit the half way mark of my study abroad session in Barcelona, throughout which I have shifted away from feeling like a tourist on vacation and… Continue Reading →

New Zealand: “Maori: New Zealand’s First Nation” by Ian Faulds Māori: New Zealand’s First Nation One of the most unique things about New Zealand is the fact that its First Nations tribes, collectively called the Maori, have been incorporated into society. The Treaty of Waitangi was created and signed… Continue Reading →

Norway: “You’re Gonna Hear me, Roros” by Neal Digre  You’re Gonna Hear Me, Røros   Katy Perry stuck in your head now?  You’re welcome.  (Even if Røros doesn’t quite work phonetically) It’s strange for me to be still posting about my time in Norway even though I’m back… Continue Reading →

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