September 2016

Estonia: Internship: A Day In The Life: “Interning, Learning, & Growing” by Dong Dinh

Interning, Learning, and Growing Tere, tervist! Thanks for coming by and checking out week #3. This last week has been a hectic one with lots of events, pictures and new beginnings. I finally started my internship at EducationUSA and have… Continue Reading →

Estonia: Internship: Arrival “First Week Completed!” by Dong Dinh

First week completed! Hey everyone of the internet! It has been a little over a week since I have been in Tallinn, Estonia. The week has been packed with adventures, meeting new people, and trying many different (and new) ways… Continue Reading →

Australia: Exchange: “Arrival” by Danika Mogensen Arrival: Host Country & Culture Immersion DMogensen August 9, 2016 Australia, New South Wales Click here to check out my Vlog Update #1: Arrival, Housing, and Onsite insights! Vlog Update #1 – University of Newcastle, Australia ◦ What are your… Continue Reading →

Australia: Exchange: “Pre-Departure ” by Danika Mogensen   Pre-Departure: What are your goals for your international experience? DMogensen September 14, 2016 Australia, New South Wales ◦ What do you hope to gain and how much research have you done on your host country and culture that will… Continue Reading →

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